• Feb 06, 2017
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Thoughtful Design In Today's Kitchens

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Kitchen design trends continue to support the evolution of this room from a once simply functional work space to what is now a thoughtfully designed living space. Concepts are more open, casual seating is more prevalent, and design elements bear more resemblance to adjacent living spaces. With the help of interior designers, Linda Mazur, Laura Hay and Dvira Ovadia, we’re bringing you top kitchen design trends for 2017.

A Comfortable Concept

Open concept remains the ultimate choice in kitchen design, with comfort and livability being a main focus. Large islands, now a staple, accommodate every day activities and casual dining for the family, as well as provide a secondary work space when entertaining a larger crowd. Functionality, of course, is still a necessity, and is satisfied with cabinetry that’s taller and increasingly more customized.

“There is a trend away informal dining spaces. Where you might have had a small island and a kitchen dining table, you'll now see a large island with the seating maximized and the absence of a dining table.” - Laura Hay

Kitchen Trends, Interior Design

Mixed Metals & Millwork

In cabinetry, we will continue to see the seamless integration of appliances and simplistic hardware allowing beautiful millwork finishes to take the spotlight. Mid-tone, wire-brushed wood finishes will be popular, as will matte black, as either a stand-alone finish or paired with contrasting white.  Additionally, designers will be utilizing multiple cabinet finishes, as well as mixing metals in plumbing and hardware.

“Custom cabinetry in various different finishes integrates beautifully with both the appliances and many other design elements in the adjacent spaces. We have used the same cabinet door front, simple and reminiscent of the mid-century era, and 3 different custom finishes; a warm wood grain, warm white and a beautiful wire-brushed metallic finish, with simple hardware to allow our cabinetry to be the focal point.” - Linda Mazur

Kitchen Design Trends, Interior Design

Features and Flooring

Farmhouse sinks will continue to be popular among consumers, while back splashes will be moving away from subway tile toward eye-catching herringbone, mosaic and natural stone designs. In countertops, expect to see less granite and more quartz, marble and butcher bock materials. For flooring, hardwood will continue to be used more and more - a result of the kitchen becoming an extension of the main living spaces within homes. Engineered hardwood, luxury vinyl and laminate options are offering homeowners beautiful wood visuals in a product that’s durable, water-resistant and comfortable underfoot. Hardwood and wood visuals will continue to remain popular into 2017, with wide-plank, low-luster styles with gray undertones taking the lead. In addition to hardwood, tile and luxury vinyl tile in matte and texturally rich finishes will begin emerging along with terra cotta and polished concrete looks.

Kitchen Trends, Interior Design, 2017 Design Trends

Linda Mazur is the Principal Designer of Linda Mazur Design Group.

Linda Mazur Design Group is a sought out multi-disciplinary interior design firm known for providing innovative interior renovations and full scale build projects that reflect both timeless style and optimal functionality. The firm services clients throughout Canada based in Toronto. @LindaMazurGroup

Laura Hay is the principal designer of Laura Hay Décor & Design.

At Laura Hay Décor & Design, it’s our belief that the spaces we occupy should be a reflection of ourselves. With each project, we set out to understand our client’s individual lifestyle and create a finished design that reflects their personality while adding function and aesthetic appeal. Designing homes and hideaways, Laura Hay’s practice is distinctively known for her combination of classical conventions with contemporary surprises. Her finished spaces are warmly inviting with modern appeal. @laurahay.design

Dvira Ovadia is the principal designer of Dvira Interiors.

Dvira Interiors is full service, Toronto based interior design firm specializing in fresh, functional and vibrant designs with global influences. Our role is to translate the client’s personal style and lifestyle into their space while developing and maintaining a conceptual thread to ensure that the project reaches its highest potential. @DVIRADesigner

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