• Dec 08, 2017
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Holiday Entertaining

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Contributed By: Kate Davidson

The holidays are an amazing time to invite friends and loved ones into your home to enjoy each other’s company and share good cheer. Setting the stage for your holiday get-together can be a fun and rewarding job; and it doesn’t have to be stressful. Being creative and festive is the best way to get your guests into the holiday spirit.

 Holiday Entertaining Tips; Kate Davidson Design, Interior Design Tips for the Holidays

When you’re planning your holiday décor, pick a theme. You could start with a wintry look by using neutrals or whites or you might find red or green are more to your holiday tastes. Choose a color and style that reflects you, and will welcome your guests into your home. Once you have it, start building your holiday décor from there.

A simple table runner, or an elegant fabric laid out artistically across your table, will be a great start for your dining room; especially when it’s matched with a fantastic centerpiece. Create a charming wonderland with evergreen springs and pine cones, or fill a decorative vase with simple ornaments or colorful candy. A festive serving dish can be delightful display that keeps your guests happily nibbling throughout the evening. Complete your table with your favorite holiday dishware for a formal meal, or an array of napkins and appetizer plates for a more casual affair.

Keep the cheer flowing with a signature cocktail or punch. By setting up an area where guests can serve themselves, you help the party along by giving them a place to congregate and chat. You can decorate your refreshment area using some of the same elements from your dining room décor so you have that cohesive look. Make sure it’s stocked with plenty of glassware, ice and simple snacks.

Candles are a great touch to your holiday decorations. Classic white or red candles go with almost any design, but you can find them, and their holders, in almost any shape, size or color to suit your design. Create an elegant center piece or place them along the mantle or anywhere else they can safely help create an intimate and alluring ambiance.

Here are a few final tips to help make your holiday get-together go smoothly:

Party Prep

Prep food the night before. You'll be able to spend more time mingling with your guests.

Simple Statements

Don't over-do your décor. Sometimes, less is more, and the holiday season is no different!

Mixed Music

Try building a holiday playlist. Not every song has to be a holiday favorite. Mix in other music that keeps the party moving, but still lets people chat.

Seamless Style

Finally, try to match your holiday decor with the style and design of your home to create a look that's seamless and flowing.

Kate Davidson is the Principal Designer of Kate + Co. Design, Inc.

Kate + Co. is a multi-disciplinary design firm offering interior design services for residential, corporate, retail, medical and educational spaces throughout Toronto and the GTA. Known for sophisticated, colorful, and contemporary interiors; KDDI has a diverse portfolio of projects from private residences to gourmet bakeries, and large scale corporate offices. @kateandcodesigninc

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