Top 10 Reasons

Why Our Customers Love Us...

10. It is not hard to find our flooring department! 

9. Estimates are always FREE, and so are samples. 

8. Our quotes are accurate and easy to understand. 

7. We won’t take 3 weeks to get you an estimate and another 39 days for your flooring to be installed. 

6. We don’t take away in the small print what we promise in the big print. (And we really mean it!) 

5. We don’t sell toilets…and ladders… and lawn movers… and light bulbs…. 

4. We actually measure your home; we will never send out a third party to do a measure or estimate. 

3. We have a lifetime guarantee on installation. 

2. If you find the same flooring for less, we’ll match the price. 

1. If you don’t love your new flooring, we’ll replace it!!!