Struggling with what home décor style feels right for you? Regardless of our lifestyle, we all have distinct habits and preferences that affect how we decorate our homes. Have you ever heard that our homes are a reflection of our personalities?  One word… Enneagram.  Let’s explore the 9 types and the Enneagram Decor Style of each.


The Enneagram is a personality test that breaks the human psyche down into nine different personality types based upon an individual’s own unique fears and motivations. The type, indicated by a number, directly influences all aspects of our lives, our career choices, our relationships, and yes, even our home décor style.


If you don’t know your type,  take the test here.


Type 1-  The Reformer


Type One’s are our perfectionists, who are happiest in a neat and orderly home.  One’s are Marie Kondo’s biggest fans and appreciate any home décor that is practical, yet also provides an organizational solution. One’s prefer light, neutral color palettes and classic, clean lines with a “less is more” minimalist design style.  One’s are our eco-conscious crusaders. They prefer recycled products, organic materials, and love indoor-outdoor plants.




Type 2- The Helper


Type Two’s were born to be the host of the party.  They are nurturing and attentive to everyone around them. Their home will reflect that same inviting “sit and stay awhile” attitude. Two’s love comfortable, plush seating areas that are layered with textures and soft pillows. They prefer a light, sunny color palette and lean towards a modern farmhouse style.  A Two’s home will be filled with lots of sentimental décor, family photos, heirloom antiques from grandparents, and souvenirs from memorable family trips.

Type 3- The Achiever


Type Three’s are all about image, in that they want their home to be a memorable experience. Because of this, Three’s are not afraid of color or mixing in bold patterns with their decor. They have an appreciation for classic architectural styles, but love incorporating modern, trendy pieces that will stand out. Similar to one’s, they do prefer a tidy home, but unlike the One, Three’s will be more prone to have “collections.” Depending on their own personal preferences, this could be a gallery wall of art,  a rare book collection, or a souvenir collection from an exotic travel experience.



Type 4- The Individualist


Types Four’s are the artists, the visionaries, and the non-comformists of the group. They feel like they are different from everyone else and want their home to be the same unique experience. A Four’s home will be filled with colorful art, one of kind flea market finds, and vintage pieces. Introspective Four’s tend to be in touch with their feelings more than any other number, so much so that their color schemes will reflect that same moody vibe. Think vintage bohemian style, similar to a type Seven, but with a more saturated color palette.




Type 5- The Observer


Types Five’s probably aren’t reading this to begin with, because décor style falls very low on their priority list. Five’s see the importance of function over form and prefer a clean, no-fuss home, similar to types One’s. Unlike One’s that want to have order in their space, Five’s genuinely do not care about having “things.”  Five’s will lean towards a mid-century modern style, but their cerebral side also appreciates industrial design and its inner workings. It’s crucial that Five’s have a place of retreat. They have only so much energy to give to the outside world.  They embrace that their home truly is their refuge from the outside world.



Type 6- The Loyalist


Types Six’s top priority is to feel safe, happy, and secure in their home. Their space will reflect this sense of stability in their preferred grounded finishes and style preferences.  Six’s lean towards warm color tones, stained woods, and more traditional styles over what is currently trending.  Their furniture will be plush and comfortable while also having a heavier, solid construction.  Similar to Two’s, Six’s love to display pieces in their homes that remind them of their loved ones.



Type 7- The Enthusiast


Type Seven’s are the thrill seekers, they are the life of the party. The Seven’s home will be filled with playful colors, energetic patterns, and mementos of exciting travels.  Their home style is an eclectic, energetic style, just like their personalities. The Seven’s nomadic natures means no bulky furniture and light-weight easy-to-move pieces for the next big adventure. Function is not something that comes to mind with them as much as an impulse buy, because they saw it and had to have it.



Type 8- The Challenger


Type Eight’s are the big picture thinkers and the leaders of the group. For them, it’s all about efficiency and getting it done.  Their home will reflect cutting edge technology, glam details, and bold, modern design. Similar to Three’s, their space will be filled with rich accent colors and statement pieces with the goal to leave a lasting impression on guests. Eights’ “go big or go home” mantra can be seen in their over-the-top lighting fixtures, luxurious fabrics, and oversized statement furniture.



Type 9- The Peacemaker


Type Nine’s are the peacemakers in the group and they strive to have a home that is a sanctuary for all that stay there. Their goal is to create a space filled with calm, peaceful energy.  Nine’s love softer soothing colors, lighter wood tones, cozy fabrics and an abundance of natural light. Similar to Six’s, Nine’s will shy away from anything too trendy, preferring a more traditional, classic approach.  Their style leans toward shabby chic or french country décor.


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