Bathroom Design Trends of 2021

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom this year? Before getting started, have you thought about what mood you are looking to create? What would you like your dream bathroom to feel like? Here are four design trends for 2021 that we think will get the creative juices flowing.

With canceled travel plans and more time spent at home, it’s no wonder creating your own tropical oasis is one of the styles trending in 2021. To design your dream bath, start by bringing the outside in —introduce lush foliage into your bathroom remodel. In nature, green symbolizes growth and renewal; it is believed to carry a balanced harmonious energy. Our designers suggest using soothing shades of green in areas such as wall color and cabinetry paint, as well as tile selection. Avoid using high contrasting colors by keeping hues limited to an earthly palette for a more cohesive scheme. To further deepen the connection with the outside world, consider pairing your greenery with natural materials and textures like rattan, bamboo, natural stone, handmade ceramics, and wool. Then, find your zen by creating a focal point with a freestanding tub. A soaker tub is the perfect addition to promote relaxation and carve out time for self-care.

What goes around comes around…and gold has most definitely come back around, along with the return of other vintage staples. Thanks to a period TV series that a lot of us have binge-watched over the past year (Hello, Bridgerton!), claw-foot tubs, wall-mounted vintage sinks, and exposed plumbing will be on the rise this year. With color trends shifting toward warmer palettes throughout homes, it is not surprising that shades of brass and gold are taking over the fixture market. If you are looking to mix it up, consider pairing beautiful gold finishes with nickel and black fixtures. Then, add visual breadth by taking traditional tiles like a classic penny, octagon, or subway and setting them into a new pattern to take on a refreshing look.

Our next trend, the clean minimalistic aesthetic, has seen a surge in popularity this year. This less-is-more approach creates a space that feels open, curated, and uncluttered. Nothing says that more than floating vanities, open showers, and integrated lighting. Floating vanities used to be associated with ultra-modern interiors. Now design trends show how floating vanities can cross styles to function beautifully in many types of spaces. By freeing up space below your sink, you get rid of the heaviness of a traditional cabinet, which creates the illusion of an overall larger space. To tie in a minimalist approach, incorporate a backlit mirror to offer ambient lighting without added glare. Further expand your area by considering an open-shower concept. This will create the appearance of a large bathroom while providing more space within the shower.

By design, bathrooms can oftentimes feel cold and sterile. Our final trend shows a movement towardcreating softer, cozier spaces by incorporating decorative rugs, graphic wallpaper, and dramatic lighting. In the past, there was the perception that bathmats were the only solution for rugs in your bathroom. Now, we are seeing that a punch of color through a decorative rug may be just what your space needs to bring it all together. Wallpaper has made a dramatic comeback over the last few years, especially in bathrooms. From tropical botanicals and bold geometrics to beautiful panoramic murals — you name it — it is being done. What better way to create warmth, interest, and contrast than by introducing a fun wallcovering into your space. When it comes to a statement piece, lighting is all the rage — the bigger, the better. That oversized chandelier you are contemplating using in the dining area may now have a home in your bathroom. The use of dramatic lighting, especially in a bathroom, can completely change the design aesthetic of a space.

There is no better way to feel more at home than by designing your own bathroom sanctuary with all the stunning bells and whistles you have been dreaming about. With all the amazing trends of 2021, there is no better time to create a space that captures your style, and our designers are always here to help bring your visions to life.


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