Built-In Cabinets within Your Home



Built-in cabinets within your home can transform any room into a more functional space. Built-in cabinets make a space more functional, practical, and overall, more utilized. This blog is all about utilizing spare space in your home and finding creative ways to utilize the extra space to create a functional, beautiful spot that serves a purpose. With a little bit of imagination, some help from our designers, and elbow grease from our installers, built-in cabinets can elevate any space. Book your appointment today to begin reimagining your space with our help!



Starting off with the mudroom or laundry room, built-in cabinets can transform these spaces to be more practical for a busy family. Built-in cabinets can create a spot for each family member to hang their bag or coat when they get home to avoid clutter and create a more organized space with easy flow for the entire family. Built-in cabinets can be further utilized in this space to create a bench and ventilated drawers to place all of your go-to shoes for a quick, easy spot to pull them on and off.



If your laundry room or mudroom has lots of unused, empty space, built-in cabinets could be utilized to create an office space. View our project “Laundry Room / Office Combo” to see how to utilize unused space to create a functional work space in your laundry room. A cozy office space can be created with the addition of built-in cabinets in virtually any nook or cranny of your home! If you wish to have an easily accessible spot to do a little work, a small corner of the kitchen can be made into an office space as well with a few built-in cabinets, like in our project “Two Toned Kitchen with Unique Island.” If you wish for your workspace to be more secluded, a low-traffic area at the top of your stairs or at the end of a hallway is a terrific spot for a little office as well.



Your bathroom might seem like an obvious space to utilize built-in cabinets; however, with a little bit of creativity, built-in cabinets can further the functionality of your bathroom. When built-in cabinets serve a purpose in an important design element,  they become essential to the overall flow of your space. Utilizing built-in cabinets to create a vanity space is one way to utilize extra space in your bathroom, seen in our project “Master Bath with Makeup Vanity“. Another way to give purpose to extra space is installing a bench with drawers for all of your extra towels and other essential bathroom items. A beautiful example of a bathroom bench using built-in cabinets can be seen in our project “Neutral and White Master Bath.”



If you wish to utilize a space for multiple purposes and hide any clutter or appliances, built-in cabinets with sliding doors are a great opportunity to make that happen. These can be used in smaller laundry rooms, unexpected office spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere really! Sliding doors and appliance garages are a very practical addition to any space to make it more functional and aesthetically pleasing! To see how built-in cabinet sliding doors can be utilized to hide appliances within different spaces, two good examples can be seen in our projects “Laundry Room with Hidden Appliances” and in “White Kitchen with Waterfall Island.”



There are endless ways to utilize built-in cabinets to add to the functionality and aesthetic appeal of a space. Are any ideas springing to mind for ways to utilize your extra space? Reimagining that corner of your laundry room or extra kitchen space with some new built-in cabinets? Contact us today to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our designers.


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