Kitchen Organization Tips & Minimalist Design



Does your kitchen feel cluttered? If you are considering a more minimalist design or just want your kitchen to be more organized, we are here to help! Our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One can help you curate a design that fits your lifestyle and keeps your kitchen clutter and stress free! The options are endless when it comes to customizing your cabinet design, but we find the best way to keep your kitchen clutter free is by making use of custom drawers, cabinet pull-outs, open shelving, and an appliance garage. In this blog, we’ll break down how you can cater each of these options to fit your needs and how they can keep your kitchen more organized and minimalistic.



Assign Functions to Drawers


First up, we have drawers! Drawers may be one of the most underrated organization tricks in the kitchen. Drawers are key to creating your minimalist kitchen design. Do your spices get lost in your cabinet or clutter up your counter space? Well, a spice drawer fixes that by putting them in a space where they can all be seen at once and where they won’t fall or get lost. Deep peg drawers can be used to store your dishes and can be placed right beside your dishwasher for ease. Store larger bowls and dishes in deep drawers as well, so you don’t have to worry about a stacking avalanche when accessing them in the back of your upper cabinet. Drawers are universally used to organize silverware, but they can also organize other kitchen utensils, like knives. They even make a drawer pull-out for your four-legged friend’s food and water bowls, so you can remove that tripping hazard from the floor. When you start designing, and assigning functions to drawers, you will find a plethora of organization options that can move things off counters and out of your cabinets.



Cabinet Pull-Outs to Minimize Clutter


One of the newer organization features of cabinets are pull-outs. Pull-outs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and uses. We have talked about our struggle with spices already, but they can also be added to a cabinet pullout beside your oven if you’d prefer that option! Get those containers full of mismatching utensils off your counter and into a pull-out as well! They can be installed right beside your stove for easy access while you’re cooking. Pull-out pantries allow you to stash all of your snacks into a spot that is hidden, but easily accessible, like next to the refrigerator. One of our favorites is a trash-can pull-out! Keep that trash where you can’t see it and where any furry paws or little hands can’t access it either. You can also add custom cabinet inserts to keep your baking sheets and cutting boards from falling over like dominos every time you need to use them as well.



Open Shelving Provides A Focal Point & Easy Access


A more minimalist alternative to upper cabinets is open shelving. Open shelving is a great alternative to cabinets as you can put items you need the most where you can find them, and nothing gets lost in the back of a cabinet. They can make the space feel more open and allow easy access to all of your dishware and serving materials. Since these are a focal point, decorating the shelves is important. In a minimalist design you don’t want it to look cluttered or empty — the trick is finding a good balance with some variation. Consider your color palette, experiment with mixing metals and textures, and try adding a pop of color to bring depth to your space.



Kitchen Islands and Appliance Garages


Kitchen islands offer a workstation for food prepping and a great storage area for your materials and appliances. If you entertain often, an island is the perfect place to serve your guests and have a clean, open space to gather around. An island can be a great place to install appliances you don’t want to sit on counters, like a microwave; or for a larger island, possibly a wine cooler. You can also install hidden plugs on the island for convenience and easy access. Another option for hiding your clutter-prone appliances is installing an appliance garage in your cabinets. An appliance garage keeps small appliances like your coffee maker, toaster, or KitchenAid mixer hidden and gives you more counter space.



There are many aspects to a minimalist kitchen design that allows you to clear your counters, organize your space, and leave you with a beautiful, functional kitchen. Make an appointment with one of our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One today. They will be happy to help you design your new kitchen!


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