How to Add Personality to Cabinets




Do you think your cabinets need a little extra something but you’re not sure what? We can help! You can elevate a space by adding unique cabinet features in a variety of ways  — color, texture, hardware, etc. So, let’s talk about one you might not have thought of yet — cabinet door inserts.


Cabinet door inserts break up the run of cabinets to add some new textures and personality to your space. There are three main types of inserts: glass, mirror, and mesh. We have compiled a few recommendations for each to make it easy for you to choose which route to take with your cabinet door inserts. This will be something to think through with a Designer early in the design process, so the interior of the cabinets is finished, prepped, and ready to go for the inserts you choose.



Glass Inserts



Glass cabinet inserts are a classic, clean choice for any space and are the best way to show off your favorite dishes, glassware, and trinkets. Since this style of cabinet insert is clear, and the cabinet contents will be on display, you’ll want to be sure what you choose to put inside will look nice and staged. With that said, glass inserts might not be for everyone or for every cabinet, which is why we have several cabinet insert options!



Mirrored Inserts



If glass cabinet inserts does not fit your lifestyle, mirrored cabinets are another great option for your space! Since mirrored inserts have an opaque finish, they add texture to your space without all the pressure to make the inside of your cabinets look organized. As a bonus, the antique mirror cabinet inserts can add dimension to your space.



Mesh Inserts



Last, but certainly not least, we have metal mesh inserts. These inserts are a fun way to add texture to your space, whether they’re in a kitchen, laundry room, or mud room. Mesh inserts are the most versatile of the cabinet insert choices with many patterns and finishes to choose from. A tight pattern still hides what’s inside cabinets if you don’t want to worry about how the inside of your cabinets appear to guests. On the other hand, a looser pattern lets you peer into your cabinets and utilize them for a more staged look and feel.




Each style of cabinet inserts brings something different to your space, and ultimately, it comes down to your style preference. Glass inserts are perfect to show off your beautiful plates and trinkets; mirrored inserts are great to add a little texture and dimension to your space; and mesh inserts have a wide variety of choices to fit your space that either hide or show off your cabinet contents. For more cabinet inspiration, visit our cabinets page where you’ll find a variety of ways to add something special to your space. When you are ready to start building your dream cabinets, click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our talented designers, who would be delighted to bring your cabinet visions to life!




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