Lighting fixtures can brighten up any space in your home. It is one of the most important design elements that can set the tone in virtually any space. Lighting can transform the appearance of your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and any area you spend ample time in — so choosing the perfect lighting fixture is important!


Below are some beautiful lighting fixtures from our designers’ projects. Everything from kitchens and bathrooms to walk in closets, transformed with lighting fixtures. There are a variety of projects to browse with a wide range of design styles, from elegant and modern to rustic and chic, and much more. Our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One can help you choose the perfect lighting fixture to transform your space and match your design style – make an appointment today to get started!


Pendant Lights


A pendant light is a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling, hanging singularly from a central cord or chain, with only a single light bulb incorporated into its fixture. Smaller pendant light fixtures are a great way to add a simple light above a reading area, add a little extra light in a laundry room, or create more ambiance in a space that feels dull.



Larger pendant lights can be statement pieces for any room. They are a great way to add lighting above your kitchen island and create an elegant focal point. Using several smaller pendant lights above an island is an ideal way to light up your kitchen.



Island Pendant Lights


An island pendant light is another great way to incorporate multiple lighting sources into a space, usually installed above an island, bar, desk, dining table, or pool table. Island pendant lights provide the same task lighting as mini pendant lights, typically with two or three light sources in a single fixture.



Multi-Light Pendant Lights


A multi-light pendant light is a light fixture that provides ambient lighting with three — and sometimes up to 10 — light sources stemming from the same fixture. This type of pendant light can also be used as a chandelier alternative.



Chandelier Light Fixtures


A chandelier is a light fixture that is suspended from the ceiling, hanging with multiple branches, and with multiple light bulbs incorporated into the single fixture. Chandeliers make a great focal point for your entryway, master bathroom, dining area, or living room!




Bathroom Light Fixtures


There are a variety of light fixtures that are perfect for your bathroom! Whether you want better lighting while getting ready for work, ample lighting above the bathtub, or you just want more lighting in general, we are here to help.


Vanity Lights and LED Mirrors


Vanity lights can be found in many shapes and forms and can provide the best amount of lighting surrounding your mirror. Vanity lights are mounted on either side of your bathroom mirror and are commonly paired with a multi-light vanity fixture above to provide the perfect lighting while getting ready for work or a night out. As mentioned on the Plumbing & Lighting Fixtures page, Dalton Carpet One offers an exclusive line of LED mirrors, and they’re ideal for any bathroom or design style because they add a bit of extra light to your vanity and makeup mirror!



Multi-Light Vanity Lights and Pendant Lights


Similar to the multi-light pendant lights discussed above, multi-light vanity lights provide ambient lighting with two — and sometimes up to 12 — light sources above the mirror, but three is the most common and popular choice that fits most bathroom vanity sizes. Multi-light pendant light fixtures also make a beautiful statement piece above a clawfoot tub or in the middle of the room!





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