Top 7 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories



Whether you are planning a new kitchen remodel or rethinking your existing kitchen, having optimized storage and organized cabinetry is probably high on your wish list. While no one kitchen or chef is alike, our designers do have their go-to list of accessories when it comes to decluttering, maximizing storage, and organizing your space. Here are our top seven must-have cabinet accessories to consider for your next kitchen project.


1. Trash Pullout/Recycling Center


kitchen cabinet accessory pullout trash can options


Not every kitchen has a chef, but every kitchen has trash.  Planning a spot for a pullout trash cabinet is number one on our list for that very reason. Not only do you not want to see the trash can, but it may also be taking up valuable space in your kitchen which could negatively impact your workflow.

Most trash pullouts will accommodate a 15”, 18”, or 21” cabinet. They come in both single and double cans that range from 35 to 50 quarts per can. If you are looking to add to existing cabinetry, keep in mind that 50-quart cans require a full-height door. A double trash pullout works great for sorting trash and recyclables.


2. Tray Divider


Cabinet tray dividers above oven and in base cabinet


Tray dividers work wonderfully to keep baking sheets and baking tins upright and organized. They may be the most versatile accessory on our list, working well in narrow 9” to 12” base cabinetry, vertically above ovens, or horizontally in large, deep drawers. Why not use them in multiple areas of your kitchen — near the ovens for cooking and in a central prep area to accommodate serving pieces?

  • cookie sheets, baking tins
  • cutting boards
  • serving trays, charcuterie boards
  • cookbooks


3. Spice Storage


Kitchen Cabinet Accessory Pullout spice organizers


Having spices and oils at arm’s reach from the stove is essential for the home chef. A narrow 9” to
12” base cabinet pullout, ideally located next to the stove, is the perfect solution.  It provides access to spices without leaving the cooking area. All shelving is adjustable to accommodate the varying heights of larger containers. Another great alternative when organizing existing cabinetry is a spice drawer insert.  These can be trimmed to fit most existing drawer sizes and work well for smaller spices of similar container size.


4. Utensil Pullout


Kitchen Cabinet Accessory Utensil Pullout Organizer Options


One of the most frustrating areas of the kitchen can be the jumbled utensil drawer next to the stove. At some point you may have opted for the decorative jar on the counter. At least you didn’t have to rummage through a drawer, but it’s one more thing on your counter.

We mentioned base pullouts for spices, but did you know that they can be used for utensil storage as well? Base pullouts, located in a narrow full-height cabinet near your range or cooktop, provide the perfect vessel for utensil storage. Lower shelves offer space for trivets and other small cooking accessories like rolling pins, graters, measuring cups, and much more. Another bonus is that these pullouts can even accommodate a knife block. Talk about decluttering — that is another item off of your countertop!


5. Cutlery Organizer



While there are a wealth of cutlery inserts on the market, having one that looks like an integrated part of your drawer, fits snugly, and has enough adequate compartments will make all the difference in the world. The perfect cutlery organizer can bring order and peace to the mess that was once your silverware drawer.

If space is limited, one of our personal favorites is the multi-tier cutlery drawer. It is like having two drawers in one! It houses not only your silverware, but it also has a hidden drawer for knives and gadgets.

6. Rollouts


Cabinet Accessory Pantry rollout and base cabinet rollout


The beauty of rollouts is that they can be added to almost any base cabinet, whether new or existing. They work especially well in cabinetry that houses heavier items, like pots and pans or small appliances. No more bending over, trying to find the lid that goes with a pot that ended up in the back of the cabinet. Rollouts also work great in built-in pantries, allowing you the ability to access everything within a cabinet.

7. Corner Cabinet Accessories


lazy susan corner cabinet accessory


We have all had those pesky hard-to-reach corner cabinets at some point in our lives. If not outfitted properly, they become dead space in the kitchen — no one dares open them, nor does anyone remember what’s in them. You cannot always control whether you are the lucky owner of a corner cabinet, but you can provide a solution. There are great accessory options on the market that solve the challenge of the corner cabinet. Here are a few of our favorites.

Blind-Corner Half-Moon Lazy Susan

Not-So-Lazy-Susan Pots & Pans Organizer


Not knowing where to start with a kitchen organization project can sometimes be daunting. We would love to help you brainstorm accessories that will work best in your space. Give us a call!


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