Bathroom Vanity Makeover


If you have been thinking it’s time your bathroom vanity gets a makeover, this is for you. From countertops and cabinets to flooring and lighting, this blog post is full of ideas to give your bathroom vanity a makeover from top to bottom. No project is too small or too big for our team, so if it’s time for your bathroom vanity makeover, book your free design consultation with one of our talented designers today!



Specialized Cabinets


Let’s start off strong with the elements you utilize the most, cabinets and countertops. Cabinets are one of the most pivotal design essentials for your bathroom vanity. If you wish to minimize clutter, installing cabinets that are specialized to your organizational needs is the first step. A tiered double vanity drawer is a great option for your product drawers, organizing smaller items up top with taller items on the bottom. These tiered drawer pullouts are also a great option for larger drawer storage that may hold all your other bathroom essentials that you wish to keep tucked away.


Another great cabinet idea for large items, like blow dryers and other styling tools, is a large vanity cabinet pullout grooming organizer. Like those seen at the salon, these pullouts have a modular design that allows the use of optional space with divided tiers for organizing tools and products from top to bottom. This pullout gives a home to each of your tools for quick access, easy use, and storage. And don’t forget about the most critical element of new cabinets — the hardware. We have a curated selection of cabinet hardware to browse so you can find the perfect pulls for your space.





The most used surface area in your home deserves some attention as well. Replacing your old, worn-out countertops with a fresh stone can revamp your bathroom, making it feel fresh and new again. Bathroom vanity countertops are the most utilized area, and therefore need to be equipped for daily use. Countertops that can withstand heat, moisture, and potential product spills are critical to a well-designed bathroom vanity space. To read more about how to select the best countertop for your space, check out our blog post titled “How To Select Your Countertop and Backsplash.”


Quartz is one of the most durable stones available for your bathroom vanity countertop, as it is less prone to scratching from the wear and tear of everyday use. Quartz will last for years to come in your bathroom because it is an engineered countertop, composed of quartz and resin. It is less porous than any natural stone countertop, so it’s great for the bathroom vanity, making it is less likely to stain and absorb spills. It comes in many colors and designs, including white and gray marble look.





Wallpaper is another great way to refresh your bathroom vanity space. You can use it to create a statement wall or throughout the entire space for consistency and interest. Below are before-and-after images of a project by one of our talented designers, Caty DeLaigle. For this project, Caty utilizes wallpaper for the vanity space and continues into the full bathroom. Because Caty knows that tile is another great opportunity to refresh a vanity and bathroom space, she also installed a polished white subway tile in a vertical stack bond, giving the space bright contrast with the deep blue wallpaper.



For more bathroom vanity inspiration, visit our Bathroom Project gallery to see more work from our talented team! If your bathroom vanity is feeling dull, outdated, or just not meeting your needs, we have the solution! Our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One are pros at making your dream bathroom come to life — so book your free design consultation today.

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