Dry Bars, Wet Bars, & Kitchenettes



Where do you entertain guests in your home? If you don’t have an answer, we are here to help! Dry bars, wet bars, and kitchenettes are useful additions to your space that provide gathering spots for your party guests. They provide an area within your home with a large counter or bar with storage for materials to make hosting events a breeze. Each type of space is suited for different needs and designed to make entertaining in your home convenient and easy. We are here to help you figure out which is best suited for your space.



Dry Bar

If you are looking for the most affordable and easiest to set up, a dry bar might be the perfect option for you. A dry bar is an area that is used for storing, preparing, and serving beverages without the need of a sink. The process of installing a dry bar doesn’t require you to add a plumbing line; however, for added convenience, a wine or beverage fridge is often a key feature. Dry bars provide a good place to display your glassware, collection of bottles, and other bar accessories. Dry bars can be installed anywhere in your home, but if you want to limit your trips to the kitchen while hosting, placing one near the kitchen might be the most practical. So, if your guests like to congregate in or around the kitchen, a dry bar might be right for you!



Wet Bar

When you are entertaining, you may want to rinse a glass for another round or need some ice to make another pitcher of margaritas. A wet bar takes the dry bar just one step further by adding plumbing options. Having a sink or ice maker in your bar area means more versatility with bar placement in your home — no running back and forth from the kitchen to your party. A wet bar is also better suited for handling spills quickly. They can go just about anywhere in your home and can be the focal point of a room or entryway. A beverage or wine fridge is often added for extra convenience as well. If you entertain often, adding a wet bar to a basement or bonus room can create a good place for your guests to congregate and enjoy a gathering.



Kitchenettes take a wet bar one step further by adding a method for cooking food — like a stovetop or even something as simple as a toaster oven or microwave. Kitchenettes are perfect for your basement, outdoor patios, or guest suites. With a kitchenette in the basement, you won’t have the hassle of returning upstairs to the kitchen to cook or replenish snacks and appetizers. A kitchenette in your guest quarters will ensure family and friends enjoy their stay, with their own small kitchen apart from the main living space.



Another form of a kitchenette is a scullery, sometimes called a butler’s pantry. These are usually located off the main kitchen, which makes it easy to prepare and serve appetizers and drinks to guests while keeping the meal preparation and cleanup out of sight. While entertaining can be a messy process, this helps the main kitchen remain clean while serving drinks and food. A kitchenette may also include more cabinets than a bar area, perfect for storing all of your entertaining materials, such as dishes, silverware, linens, and more.


Wet bars, dry bars, and kitchenettes provide an added convenience to your space while hosting guests. The addition you choose depends on the type of space you are working with and the proximity to your kitchen. Dry bars are easy to install and can be placed in almost any room of your home. Since wet bars include a sink or ice maker, they allow you to entertain with ease and with less trips to the kitchen. A kitchenette can also serve as a space to serve drinks and food to your guests, sometimes just off the kitchen, like a scullery. Kitchenettes can also be used in areas for entertaining farther from the kitchen, such as a basement or patio. Each caters to different needs of your space and depends on what you prefer. Make an appointment today, and our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One will be happy to walk you through the options of designing your new entertaining space.


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