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Is your hearth the heart of your home in the winter? Is it finally time to snuggle up with a blanket and gather your family for cozy movie nights by the fire? Elevating your fireplace design and some built-in cabinets or shelves can transform your space into the perfect cozy spot for years to come. The fireplace often goes overlooked since it is a seasonal appliance. However, with a little TLC and help from our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One, we can make your fireplace a cozy gathering spot for you and your family this chilly season. If you are thinking about a fireplace update, make an appointment with one of our designers today!


Whether you are looking for a traditional fireplace setting or one that is a little more modern, you have come to the right place. Our designers at Dalton Carpet One are equipped to handle any fireplace design preferences. The design style of your fireplace is important, so you want it to match the aesthetic of the rest of your space, while also being a cozy spot to gather on chilly nights and a place to make lifelong memories by the fire. We have curated a few tips to guide you when it comes to remodeling your fireplace.


tile brick and stone fireplace


Design Choices


Start by deciding if you would like your fireplace to have a mantel. Do you like to display photos, art, vases, or other decorative items in your space? If so, a mantel is a wonderful place to showcase them. A mantel is also a great spot to display your beautiful lights, candles, and hang stockings and other holiday decor. You also might consider whether you want your television resting on a mantel or mounted above the fireplace. If you decide to mount it, consider installing hidden outlets to avoid a mess of wires later.


stone fireplace with mantle and hidden outlet


Would you rather have tile, brick, or stone surrounding your fireplace? If you wish to add a pop of color or pattern to your space, tile is a great option. We have a wide selection of tile to choose from. Options vary from larger, more modern tile to small mosaic tile pieces that would be perfect to make a beautiful focal point in your space. An accent wall could even be created using tile, or on the surrounding floor in front of the fireplace.


If a more traditional look is what you are going for, a brick and stone are always great options. It is more traditional to install the brick or stone from the fireplace up to the ceiling, but recently more people have been choosing to use it only around the surrounding area of the fireplace. These options add a natural element to the space that can give your home a warm and cozy appeal while lounging by the fireplace during the winter months.


built in cabinets and open shelving


Built-In Cabinets & Open Shelves


Since the fireplace is usually in the main living area of the home, extra storage is never a bad idea. A fireplace is a great way to centralize a room, so adding built-in cabinets around the fireplace is a great way to have extra storage nearby for books, games, consoles, and other items you might not want out in the open. If you choose not to install a mantel, open shelving is a great option around the fireplace, where you can display your photos, knickknacks, or your favorite books!


Built-in cabinets are design opportunity that adds a little extra flare to a room. Read more about cabinet styles and design choices in our blog “How to Add Personality to Your Cabinets.” Using metal or mesh cabinet inserts is a great way to complement the tile, brick, or stone used in your fireplace. Inserts can add some more texture to the space if you choose to have a simpler fireplace design. In addition to built-in cabinets, if you choose not to have a mantel, built-in cabinets surrounding your fireplace may serve to display your photos, art, and holiday decor!


Built-in cabinets open shelving and cabinet inserts


Fireplaces often go overlooked during remodeling, but since they add a cozy element to your home in the winter months, why not think about creating a warm and cozy hearth for your home, Where you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hot coffee in the mornings or a book in the evenings. Or, perhaps you’d prefer snuggling up with your family to watch holiday films and hang stockings for Santa. All these small moments we spend by the fireplace are treasured, and our designers at Dalton Carpet One know that, so, , make your appointment today!

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