Surviving the Kitchen Remodel

Hooray!! Your kitchen remodel is a go!! You and your design expert have perfected the layout for a fabulous new kitchen. You’ve finalized all selections – the sink, the faucet, the flooring, the cabinet style and color, the countertop and the amazing tile for the backsplash. You now have a picture in your mind of this magazine worthy new kitchen. You are ready to cook up a storm and invite friends over to drool eat. But before you can host that dinner party – it’s time to survive the Remodeling D Train, you’ll understand what this means soon.

Declutter and Donate – Who doesn’t love a good purge? It’s healthy. It’s therapeutic. This is the perfect time to get rid of all your clutter you wouldn’t want to show off in your new kitchen anyway. Clean out that pantry. Get ready to just toss out your spices and start over. Random dishes and utensils? – give them away. Load up your car and swing by the local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Project Safe. Know a teenager headed to college? Let them dig through your discards. You’ll be glad when it’s time to move back into your kitchen that you’ve already taken this step.

Demo Day – Also known as There Will Be Dust Day!! There will be flying Debris!! There is not a good way to explain how much dust will be produced. It’s going to happen. Instead of freaking out, think of it as magical remodel glitter. It is the theatrical sparkle you see just before the magical transformation takes place. It will be ok. Dust can be cleaned up.


Downtime and Delays – Expect them. Be prepared for them. Certain things have to happen before other things can happen. For example, custom cabinets have to be set before the final template for the countertops. Sometimes changes are made mid-install and that may mean more material is needed, which will also mean, you guessed it, a delay. Be patient! Following proper installation procedures is worth it, trust us. Oh and following your heart – making a change during install – is worth it too! Keep the end result in mind.


Dinner Dates – Yes! Get a cute outfit ready! Your kitchen will be out of commission for a few weeks so take advantage and make some dinner dates. Make your spouse take you to your favorite restaurant. Call some friends and schedule a gal’s night. Take advantage of all the local “kids eat free nights” while you’re at it! Have a picnic in your backyard. Hit up a drive through and go to a park close to your house. It’s only for a few weeks and then you’ll be so in love with your new kitchen you will not want to eat out ever again. (Or at least for a few months!)

Don’t Ditch Your Dreams – A kitchen remodel is a big deal! You will probably only do this once! Always dreamed of a double door stainless steel refrigerator or a beautiful farmhouse style kitchen ? Or an under counter ice machine that makes perfect cubes? How about a beautiful ornate range hood? If your budget allows it – Do It! Prioritize your wants and we will help you along the way.



Our Beautiful Guarantee.

At Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home, we know how important it is for you to feel confident in your flooring selection. Therefore, we strive to ensure that the floor we’ve created together, is as beautiful as the one you envisioned. If not, we’ll replace it for free. That’s what we call The Beautiful Guarantee®.

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