Stylish & Functional Closet Design



Have you ever considered how much time you spend in your closet? Closets hold all your day-to-day necessities and some of your greatest treasures. Doesn’t such an important space in your home deserve as much attention as any other? Closets can be just as fun as other rooms, and our talented designers at Dalton Carpet One are here to help elevate your closet.

You can start by making a list of things you feel are necessary in a functional closet, such as:

  • hanging space for clothes
  • drawers for folded clothes and personal items
  • laundry basket
  • ironing board
  • jewelry and accessory storage
  • full length mirror

With a list in mind, you will be able to create a highly functioning and aesthetically pleasing space that is tailored to you. Here is how we do it…

Many people neglect their closet space because guests usually don’t see it, but a well-designed closet can create a peaceful atmosphere that can alleviate a stressful morning. No one likes an early morning scavenger hunt before work, and a well-designed closet space can eliminate this struggle. Utilizing all your closet space is the most important part of the design process. Properly utilizing space allows for your closet to function easily and provides easy access to anything you need when getting ready. Sectioning areas for your shoes, clothes, accessories, and more can create smooth movement throughout your closet. This can take minutes off your day and eliminate stress by creating a convenient location for everything.



A lot of closets have odd angles and walls to contend with, but our designers can help you solve any space issues with custom-built cabinets. Built-in cabinets and shelving is a great way to organize your closet space. Open shelving allows you to store all your shoes in a visible spot that’s easy to reach. Cabinets also provide depth and flair to your closet space with a variety of style options. Read more about how cabinet inserts can elevate your space in our blog “How to Add Personality to your Cabinets.”



Installing an island in your closet is an excellent option to add drawers for extra storage space for your personal items, jewelry, and accessories in a convenient easy-to-reach location! Islands also are a great additions to closets with large open spaces that would otherwise go unused. You can utilize the counter space for folding clothes, laying out outfits, and sorting jewelry. There are many design options to choose from when selecting a countertop for your closet space.


When it comes to closets, there are many things to consider that fully utilize your space and create an environment specifically suited to you. With the help of our talented designers, your closet can be transformed into an organized, functional, beautiful space to store your pieces. Make an appointment today to get started building the closet of your dreams!



View our Custom Closet portfolio for more inspiration!

Our Beautiful Guarantee.

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