Spa Inspired Master Bath

Who doesn’t get excited about updating a space in their home? Especially when that space isn’t working for you anymore. When our clients first started remodeling their master bathroom, they liked the footprint of their current space, but wanted to update the design and make some functional adjustments for better flow. The couple wanted a clean, spa-like atmosphere, so they opted to add more natural light to their master bath. They chose to work with our Designer, Keri Adams, at Dalton Carpet One Floor & Home to assist with the selection process.

One of the most exciting parts of a home renovation is getting to select the products to revamp your space. Our clients knew exactly what they were looking for. It took just ten minutes in our Athens Showroom for them to find the tile they wanted. Our clients said they would know it when they saw it, and they did! When addressing the goal to add more natural light, our Designer, Keri, noticed that we could customize the shower to let more light in. Most of the natural light was coming from the window above the bathtub, but one of the walls of the shower blocked it from entering into the other spaces of this soon-to-be tranquil oasis. Keri and the clients decided to add a window in the shower wall closest to the real window. This new shower window allowed more natural light to flood into the space.

Another area they wanted to adjust was the cabinet vanity. The clients were happy with the footprint of the vanity, but even for its large size, it did not maximize storage under the sink. Keri suggested adding a multi-drawer stack between the sinks for added storage and easy organization. They also decided to go with a bold blue vanity that is one of the statement pieces for this beautiful master bath. This pop of color was chosen to accentuate the blue hues in the marble mosaic tile found in the shower and in the tub surround. The couple wanted to keep their existing tub but didn’t want it to feel disjointed, fearing it may not match the rest of the updated bathroom. Keri suggested adding tile in front of the tub to give it a more custom, built-in look. This tile addition also created a cohesive design by pulling in the same tile that is in the shower accents. 

When it was almost time for the installation of the gorgeous products they had selected, our Designer, Keri, and one of our Installation Managers, Craig, met onsite twice before the original bathroom was demoed, in an effort to eliminate any issues that may arise. Keri and Craig met again on tile installation day to lay out the mosaics in a precise manner with our Installer, Yakic, to ensure their inspiration would work in real life. The custom vanity was adjusted during the templating process so that the countertop stood a little higher than the clients’ previous one. The goal for our team is to be there for our clients in order to catch any issues before they become expensive problems. Thanks to our talented staff of Installers, Managers, and Designers, our clients love their new master bathroom!

We enjoyed getting to work with our clients on this project to ensure their spa-inspired dreams were met and that they enjoy their new space for years to come. We know it takes a lot of trust for our clients to put their home in our hands, and we strive to exceed their expectations at every step of the way. When you’re ready to take on your next home update, we hope you’ll choose to trust our Designers at Dalton Carpet One. 

To view more of Keri’s beautiful designs and to view this full project, visit her Portfolio Page here.

Our Beautiful Guarantee.

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