Tea Towel Inspired Kitchen


When we start a renovation project, our customers often come into our showrooms with various Pinterest Pins and photos saved on their phones with what they would like their new space to look like. The inspiration for this kitchen renovation started with a Hilton Head tea towel. When the client met with our designer, Lindsay Cooper, she explained that she wanted to incorporate this style from the towel into the design. Lindsay accomplished this by expanding the workspace in the kitchen to give an open, airy beach vibe that the client loves so much, and injected natural coastal tones of blue and tan to mimic the waves lapping the sandy shore.



There were several unique requests by the client that our designer, Lindsay, coordinated to fit into the project design. First, the customer didn’t want any switches or outlets disrupting the design of the tile backsplash. Lindsay’s solution was to work closely with an electrician to wire the switches directly under the cabinets in each space. This also led to customizing the bottom rail of the wall cabinets, which eliminated the chance of seeing the electrical boxes protruding underneath. In the end, the client has a seamless kitchen backsplash, without any electrical distractions. This is a feature that is truly custom and must be addressed in the beginning phases of a design to be properly executed.


The lighting in the kitchen was also a concern for the clients, so they asked Lindsay to manage this facet of the project design as well. Lindsay selected and coordinated the gorgeous light fixtures for above the kitchen island and table, paying close attention to where the new canned lights should be placed in order to eliminate shadows in the room. She designed a preliminary lighting plan, coordinating with the contractor and electrician to bring this element of the design to our clients to ensure adequate lighting and placement in the space.


Another challenge with this project was matching and repairing the existing hardwood floors. In order to accommodate the new footprint of the kitchen, the clients relocated their pantry to allow for more space to add the new, and larger, island. Our team was able to find a product that matched the existing flooring in the kitchen, and now our clients can’t tell the old hardwood flooring from the new.


Our client also wanted to incorporate a unique island countertop design. When discussing ideas together, Lindsay sketched out a unique edge to the island that would allow the clients’ kids to sit at the kitchen island, but would also add visual interest. This sketch actually became the template that was used for the countertop fabricators to create this one-of-a-kind kitchen island. We love making our clients happy, and enjoy opportunities to flex our creative muscles for their specific wishes.



While designing the cabinets, our clients had a few special requests after looking at the customization options we have at Dalton Carpet One. First, they wanted to remove the middle support from the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink to make it easier to store and access larger items. They also asked for cabinet accessories, such as a knife block drawer organizer, a pull-out spice rack, a pull-out utensil organizer, a baking sheet storage, a utensil drawer organizer, and a peg drawer system to store dishes. All of these customized accessories and design elements allow the kitchen to function best for our client’s individual needs, and we were happy to accommodate!



Every client is unique, so their kitchen should be too! We enjoyed getting to work with our clients on this project to ensure their entire family will enjoy gathering in this new space together for years to come. We know it takes a lot of trust for our clients to put their home in our hands, and we strive to exceed their expectations at every step of the way. When you’re ready to take on your next home update, we hope you’ll choose to trust our designers at Dalton Carpet One.


To view more of Lindsay’s beautiful designs and to view this full project, visit her Portfolio Page here.

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